October 6 - 8

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Event Attractions

The Annual Barber Vintage Festival is one of the most highly anticipated motorcycle events in the world. The 13th Annual Barber Vintage Festival Presented by Triumph will feature an Ace Corner hospitality area, Swap Meet sponsored by Metal Rescue, VJMC gathering, and the Motorcycle Classics show. The fan zone will be filled with vendors, food, and awesome entertainment! Read more about these attractions and information about the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum below.


Wall of Death

The American Motor Drome Company's Wall of Death is a vintage, live action thrill show featuring a 30-ft diameter, silo-shaped wooden cylinder known as a motor drome. Inside the motor drone, daredevils travel along the vertical wall performing trick, fancy, and acrobatic riding. Showtimes will take place Friday through Sunday on the hour. Visit the American Motor Drome Company website here to learn more about motor dromes. 


Ace Corner

Ace Corner Barber is an area built in partnership between Ace Cafe London and Dime City Cycles. This hospitality area is dedicated to Cafe Racers, custom builds, and vintage bikes, whether made of steel, or flesh and bone. Ace Corner Barber is a celebration of the timeless, teeth-chattering, soul-shaking speed machines and rides that hailed the streets of London in the 50s and 60s. Purchase your Ace Corner Barber Tickets here.


Monster Energy KSFMX Freestyle Motocross Show 

Freestyle Motocross, also known as FMX, is a variation on the sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress crowds with jumps and stunts. Click here to learn more about Monster Energy’s Motocross Shows. 


Globe of Death


The Urias Family is proud to be performing in the original Globe that was built by their great-grandfather almost 100 years ago. The daredevil stunts are performed within the confines of a 16-foot diameter Globe. Globe of Death shows will run continuously Friday through Sunday. Learn more about the Urias Daredevils here


Royal Enfield Ferris Wheel

Make sure to stop by the Royal Enfield Ferris Wheel in the Fan Zone at Tram Stop 2 this weekend! Rides are FREE for all spectators! Click here to learn more about Royal Enfield.


Demo Rides

Click on the KTM, Scrambler Ducati, and BMW Motorrad logos below to learn more about them!

Demo Rides will take place in Lot D at the Proving Grounds at the following times:

Friday & Saturday:
Sign-up: 8am
Demo Rides: 9am – 5pm

Sign up: 8am
Demo Rides: 9am – 3pm